Pinetop Sport Club

Spring 2022 Junior Clinics

Clinics can be joined at any point and pro-rated.

4- week sessions

Session 2 will begin May 2 

$3 additional charge for non members per class


QuickStart Red Ball (ages 5-7):  Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:45-4:30 This group is for kids that have little or no previous tennis experience.  Red balls used as we work on all the strokes, hand eye, fun games to develop the different shots. 

4 week session cost:  1 day/week $60, 2/days week $104, drop in $18


Orange Dot  (ages 7-10): Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30-4:30  Court size is 60 feet with most using 23 and 25 inch rackets.  We work not only on how to play tennis but also tennis specific movements, agility, balance, and coordination development.

4 week session cost:  1 day/week $72, 2 days/week $128, drop in $20

Green Dot -Yellow Ball ages 8-12):  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays  4:30-6:00  Intermediate Green Dot balls and yellow balls depending on level and age.   Developing the basic mechanics of all the shots and learning how to play real games with serves. Players that are able to play but not as advanced or younger.  Ability to play points at this point.  

4 week session cost:  day/week $88, 2-days/week $160 drop in-$25


Yellow Ball Team players:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 4:30-6:00, intermediate to advanced levels that play on the GRETA, Junior High and High School teams.   These players must be able to serve, rally from the baseline and are into some competitive match play.  The clinics are geared for over all player development in regards to match play.  The combination of drills, strategy, goal setting, pattern play and conditioning.

4 week session cost:-1 day/week $88, 2-days/week $160, drop in-$25

*check back for updates as we will also look to add some weekend times as well!



Ball descriptions

Red Ball:  larger ball with 25% air for younger kids and size, ages 4-7.  Slower, lower bouncing ball with a bigger circumference enabling smaller kids to be more successful with hitting.

Orange Dot:  normal size ball, lighter weight with 50% air for kids ages 6-10.  This ball is for kids still developing strokes and smaller kids.  It is light so it can’t travel too far and the bounce is low for a good contact height.


Green Dot:  normal size ball, light weight with 75% air.  This all is for the more advanced or older kids ages 10-14 that are now playing points and have developed consistent strokes.  Lighter than a regular ball and less air so the bounce is still lower and the lighter ball helps with consistency.  Next ball from here is the yellow ball!