Hi Pinetoppers,

We are excited to announce the Pinetop will be offering group fitness classes and individual fitness training. Shakeil is currently training clients at Rock Box in Greensboro. He has a bachelor's degree in strength and conditioning and has spent the last 5 years coaching gymnastics and tumbling.

Shaq will utilize a program called Penalty Box  for those in search of a fun yet moderately intense cardio, speed/agility workout. The benefits of this program are predominantly within the scope of improved cardio and fat burning. In his professional opinion, this is one of the most efficient and up-to-date ways to experience optimal results for improving tennis skills, however he has selected this program as it is designed for anyone under the sun who wants to increase their overall health and fitness level. 


During the workout, each trainee will participate in a warm-up, Penalty Box exercises including 3 water/rest breaks, and a nice cool down to finish up in as little as 45 minutes total. We will start with beginner classes though he will also offer intermediate and advanced classes which he will progressively introduce to those who seek a greater challenge. 


Private/Semi-private 1/2 hour training: $30.00

Group Class, 45 minutes: $10.00

Group classes will be limited to 12 participants.