Beach Development Program FAQs

What is the season?
Our season is April through June.


How often do you practice?
Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30pm - 7:00pm

What if it is raining?
In the event it rains and the courts are unplayable you will receive an email notification no later than 4:00pm. The reason we wait as long as possible to cancel a practice is that summer weather conditions can change quickly, and a court that is unplayable at 3:00pm might be good-to-go by 5:30.


Are there changing facilities at either location?
Yes. There are restrooms that can be used to change in. There is also a hose outside the building that can be used to rinse off after practice. We recommend bringing a towel to every practice.

Can I split my payments up and pay monthly?
Yes, there is an option to pay installments when registering online.


Do my fees include tournament entry?
No. While we strongly encourage all of our athletes to at least play local tournaments, we don’t require any tournament play and therefore have not built that expense into our fee structure. However, your fees do include coaching support at all Beach South Volleyball tournaments and several other local and regional events during our season.


Do coaches go to tournaments?
We try to have coaches at tournaments where BSVC girls are participating. However, there might be occasions when multiple tournaments occur on the same day. In this case coaching availability will depend on club member participation and tournament location. Unlike indoor JO tournaments, beach coaches are not permitted to instruct during a match, but they can during timeouts and between matches. We feel that coaching support at tournaments is part of the learning process.


Do players need to purchase uniforms for tournaments?
No. Our club membership package includes a Mizuno tournament jersey.


Is the ball used in beach different than indoor?
Yes. We play with the Spalding “King of the Beach” ball. It is the standard official ball of beach volleyball. At tournaments, players will need to bring their own ball. 

Beach tournaments are new to us. What should I expect?
Expect a fun day outside. If you are winning and make the last rounds of the tournament, it will be a long day. Check the weather and plan to eat, hydrate, and use sunblock accordingly. BSVC tournaments will have shade available. Other tournaments may not so plan on chairs and a shade tent. Again, it might be a long day so make sure your athlete gets plenty of rest the night before. The whole environment is laid back and fun.


Who officiates tournament games?
The players who are in between matches in their pool. Just as players officiate in JO indoor tournaments, players will rotate through officiating beach matches. The rules of beach volleyball vary slightly, but importantly, from indoor volleyball. BSVC coaches will teach our athletes proper beach rules and etiquette.


Do I need to be registered with the Carolina Region to participate in tournaments?
Yes. All of our tournaments will be Carolina Region/USAV sanctioned and require membership. This will also apply to many other tournaments including any USAV Jr. Beach Tour events.


Do we have to have a partner to enroll in the BDP?
No. Especially at the beginner/intermediate level, playing with different people is part of learning the game. Our practices will give you plenty of experience pairing up with someone you may not know well, and if you don’t have a partner come tournament time we can offer suggestions to help you.


I only see girls at JO tournaments. Can my son play in your beach club?
Yes. Boys participation is a growing segment of a growing sport. We’d love to have your son participate.